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Our annual events calendar comprises:

A Wine Trip to the Bekaa Valley

A Wine Tasting Seminar

A Full Day at Chateau Sainte Andrée

An Annual Gala Dinner

Annual Events
For more info about our wine activities please visit the links below:


1- During the Christmas holidays on 22 December we will organize a one day wine trip to the Bekaa Valley for the wine society of Lebanon members only. We will be visiting new wineries. Call 03611603 for your free registration. (2 people for free)

2- On Saturday 9 February we will be giving for the wine society members a wine tasting seminar full day with the sommelier Carlos Khachan. Call 03611603 for your free registration (2 people for free)

3- On Sunday 14 of April we will be orgsnizing a full day at Chateau Sainte Andrée where we will teach you how to make wine and will have lunch in the vineyard while tasting their premium new wines. For memvers only. Please call 03612603 for your free registration.( 2 people for free)

4- During May 2013 An annual Gala Dinner will be organized to all the wine society of Lebanon members in a prestigious hotel. A special price will be given and one free place will be given for free for our members. Call 03 611603 for more details.